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3rd November 2009

6:52pm: ahem.
Dear Baltimore Drivers,

Please stop being crazy, foolish, oblivious, irritatingly selfish, and otherwise all-around jerkfaces. Your attempts on my life are overwhelmingly not appreciated.


10th September 2009

8:45pm: boooooobs
I leik booooobs!
Current Mood: BOOOOOBS

29th August 2009

11:11pm: so how about that flash flooding, baltimore?

I should move to somewhere more than three feet above sea level.
Current Mood: drunk

9th August 2009

5:01pm: new shiny toy!
I am updating from my new impulse buy. it is an asus Eee PC. I am a little in love.

I should learn not to make such expensive impulse buys.

22nd July 2009

7:43pm: they're all jerks
I HATE the summer people that show up here on the shoreline. Most are rude, self-important snobs and there are way too many of them.

I am having a judgmental day. This calls for ice cream.

8th July 2009

11:38pm: ew
I was unaware until this evening that making cocaine is an alarmingly horrific process. One that is filled with ammonia, sulfuric acid, and gas - or maybe diesel, I'm not quite clear on that, but it's unimportant. Anyway, I mean, I knew it was not the kind of thing you might cook up in home ec 101, and that "rainbows and sunshine and unicorn farts" are not on the shopping list, but I am in fact surprised at the actual procedure.

And so I am left with two questions. One, who the hell said "I'm going to go through this ridiculously contrived procedure of combining these leaves with all kinds of wacky chemicals to see if it gets me anywhere"? And two, who after that moment said "you know what, I think I am going to inhale this. I think it could be a hoot, despite the fact that it is the result of GALLONS of things that could KILL ME IN A HEARTBEAT"?

26th May 2009

10:13pm: no vacancy
I do not need any more lost boys. I have enough. This is getting out of hand. Quit it.

20th May 2009

1:28pm: Old news, perhaps.
Does Hans Zimmer realize how many movies he has written the same piece of music for? Does he think audiences won't notice? Does the entire production team just not notice? I mean, it's a fine theme - very fitting for the movies in question - but you can't just keep recycling like that.

He is like a bizarre cross between John Williams and Boston. Boston the band, not Boston the place.

17th April 2009

11:00am: victory!
stumbled across this in the depths of the interwebs -

Lura, the Countess of Killarney, was on a world tour with her husband, the Count. They were staying at an Intourist hotel on the edge of the Ural Mountains and were scheduled to begin an escorted horseback tour of the area early the next morning. Lura had developed a good tan a month earlier on the beach at Nice, but now she noticed that it was beginning to fade. Not having anything scheduled after lunch, she took a blanket and wandered off in search of a secluded spot where she could touch up the tan a bit.

Unfortunately, Lura failed to realize that at high attitudes the rays of the sun were much more damaging than at sea level. Even worse, she fell asleep. She awoke, feeling rather uncomfortable. Dressing gingerly, she limped back to the hotel to have her husband assess the damages and the prospects for the morrow.
After one look he delivered his verdict: ....
"Tour all Ural, Lura? Too raw, Lura. Lie."

22nd March 2009

4:26pm: kitten!
the cheap wine I couldn't stop myself from buying: Cat wine!

an online review from a nice fellow named mike:
I am equally surprised at how bad AND good this wine is. It is only a 500ml bottle and if it contained even one more ml I would probably acquire type 2 diabetes from the overwhelmingly dominating sugar content. This is more a feast of Halloween over-indulgence (sweet tarts, razzles, smarties, skittles, sour patch kids, spree (the chewy ones), and gummi animals of all shapes and sizes) than a potable beverage. Yet...I cannot reasonably stop myself. It is enchanted with some ancient magic; Some element has been thrust upon my senses and I am unable to resist its guile and capital charms. A foul temptress. The siren at the rocky shoals. Funnel cakes. All of the evil black holes at their confluence; Here. In this cat shaped bottle. Of alleged Riesling. I've said too much.

27th February 2009

12:36pm: well that's... odd.
I've noticed a funny thing, walking around Goucher with my cello. It's a big, heavy, awkwardly-shaped thing to carry around, but I've learned to maneuver pretty well. I can do stairs and escalators, get through pretty much any door (although I haven't tried a revolving door...), and generally just get myself where I need to go. But it's still really nice when someone holds open a door for me when they see me dragging this bigass clunky case with me. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Very few people at Goucher bother to go out of their way and hold doors for me, and that's okay. I'm not going to complain about that. But I've noticed the weirdest phenomenon - the people who DO hold the door for me are often carrying very large things themselves. Art supplies, other instruments, stacks of books. I guess it's that they are actively thinking about and understand the inconvenience of transporting huge shit and so it's a sympathetic gesture of sorts, but still... It strikes me as pretty backwards.
Current Mood: sore

8th December 2008

10:16am: Bright spot
At least the Goucher Deer never got quite this brave/stupid.

Current Mood: aggravated

14th November 2008

11:05am: ahahaha.
I'm not even sure what to think of this.

Clever? Trashy? I have no idea. Fortunately, I am easily amused.
Current Mood: entertained

23rd October 2008

2:19pm: progress report
When are these papers due? one was due an hour ago, the other four and a half.

how much do I have completed, total? one paragraph.

god, but I'm clever.
Current Mood: frustrated

22nd October 2008

4:00pm: coho!
SO upon posting the previous entry a bit ago, I was accosted via AIM.

Please read the following, so that you don't make a fool out of yourself as I did next time you update your LJ:

Current Mood: confused
3:24pm: I think this caused me physical pain.
I'm positively gobsmacked every single time I witness anything like this. I don't even know what else to say except that I am, in fact, gobsmacked.

I mean, I understand folks who support McCain based on his Christian beliefs and how he would apply that to government. That makes sense at least, even if one doesn't agree with it.

Current Mood: gobsmacked

26th September 2008

8:18pm: as per usual
I am such a shitty student.

Why do I have so little motivation to ever get any work done at all?

5th September 2008

9:33am: oh noooo.
I just watched the pilot for Privileged four days before it actually even premiers. Apparently being a comm major has its perks.

It wasn't as vapid as it had the potential to be, i actually enjoyed it. It had a very Gilmore Girls feel to it, really. Not in the "blatant rip-off" sense, but in that it could have occurred in the same slightly skewed universe in which sarcasm and bizarre witty banter run rampant.

Still, though. I hate having to hike up to the very top of Van Meter at 8:30am three times a week.
Current Mood: sleepy

3rd September 2008

10:19pm: i should know better by now.
Nail polish is never the ideal medium for my craft projects.

I never learn.
Current Mood: high

18th August 2008

12:25am: hey baltimore folks.
So I will be arriving in Baltimore this coming Sunday, about a week before classes start at Goucher. I'll be staying with Evan, but for reasons wholly unbeknownst(ish) to me, he has to go off to work all day long. Some people.

Anyway, the short and short of it is that I will have oodles of free time, and I'd like to do stuff and see people, before classes start and everything is terrible forever. Let's hang out? Meet for lunch? Beat up small children for their lunch money?
Current Mood: cheerful

31st July 2008

11:35pm: This is your brain.
So never mind the actual politics for a moment. Regardless of political affiliation, this commercial makes me squee with a giddy sort of glee. Maybe it's Rider Strong, maybe it's the baby chick. Maybe it's the casual mockery of herpes commercials and drug PSA's. I don't know. I don't care.

7th June 2008

Stephen Moffat is full of awesome.

I am SO EXCITED and simultaneously TERRIFIED for when he takes over from Davies. It might be too much amazing to pack into one show.

OOPS SPOILERS. Forest of the Dead.Collapse )

28th May 2008

11:31pm: poor little girl.
"All dogs go to Heaven."

Current Mood: lonely

24th May 2008

8:44pm: Click it or Ticket
So this Click it or Ticket campaign, to enforce seatbelt laws in vehicles. It's huge. Millions of dollars are being poured into this.

So here is my issue:

Why are we dedicated so much time, effort, and money to protecting people from themselves? My seatbelt does not increase or decrease my odds of being in an accident. It does not affect anyone outside the car. It doesn't have the same potential for collateral damage as drunk driving or speeding. Which is not to say I'm opposed to seatbelts, or anything. Important personal safety tool. But if you're going to make the choice not to wear it, and you're hurt as a result, it was your own dumb fault. If you don't wear your seatbelt, you are the only one at extra risk. I suppose it is somewhat noble of the government to take preemptive action to keep citizens safe from themselves, but isn't it a little ridiculous at this point? They're only "saving" people who are too stupid to keep their own selves safe, and they'll probably end up with a Darwin Award anyway.

I just think the resources would be better off somewhere else.
Current Mood: annoyed
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