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Click it or Ticket

So this Click it or Ticket campaign, to enforce seatbelt laws in vehicles. It's huge. Millions of dollars are being poured into this.

So here is my issue:

Why are we dedicated so much time, effort, and money to protecting people from themselves? My seatbelt does not increase or decrease my odds of being in an accident. It does not affect anyone outside the car. It doesn't have the same potential for collateral damage as drunk driving or speeding. Which is not to say I'm opposed to seatbelts, or anything. Important personal safety tool. But if you're going to make the choice not to wear it, and you're hurt as a result, it was your own dumb fault. If you don't wear your seatbelt, you are the only one at extra risk. I suppose it is somewhat noble of the government to take preemptive action to keep citizens safe from themselves, but isn't it a little ridiculous at this point? They're only "saving" people who are too stupid to keep their own selves safe, and they'll probably end up with a Darwin Award anyway.

I just think the resources would be better off somewhere else.
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