Lura (lurie) wrote,


the cheap wine I couldn't stop myself from buying: Cat wine!

an online review from a nice fellow named mike:
I am equally surprised at how bad AND good this wine is. It is only a 500ml bottle and if it contained even one more ml I would probably acquire type 2 diabetes from the overwhelmingly dominating sugar content. This is more a feast of Halloween over-indulgence (sweet tarts, razzles, smarties, skittles, sour patch kids, spree (the chewy ones), and gummi animals of all shapes and sizes) than a potable beverage. Yet...I cannot reasonably stop myself. It is enchanted with some ancient magic; Some element has been thrust upon my senses and I am unable to resist its guile and capital charms. A foul temptress. The siren at the rocky shoals. Funnel cakes. All of the evil black holes at their confluence; Here. In this cat shaped bottle. Of alleged Riesling. I've said too much.
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