Lura (lurie) wrote,


I was unaware until this evening that making cocaine is an alarmingly horrific process. One that is filled with ammonia, sulfuric acid, and gas - or maybe diesel, I'm not quite clear on that, but it's unimportant. Anyway, I mean, I knew it was not the kind of thing you might cook up in home ec 101, and that "rainbows and sunshine and unicorn farts" are not on the shopping list, but I am in fact surprised at the actual procedure.

And so I am left with two questions. One, who the hell said "I'm going to go through this ridiculously contrived procedure of combining these leaves with all kinds of wacky chemicals to see if it gets me anywhere"? And two, who after that moment said "you know what, I think I am going to inhale this. I think it could be a hoot, despite the fact that it is the result of GALLONS of things that could KILL ME IN A HEARTBEAT"?
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